Delivering sustainable results by leveraging Math, Data Science & Technology

Our team of expert data scientists, seasoned management consultants and experienced technologists will help deliver your data driven decisions correctly, first time around - saving you time, effort and money

Our unique approach focuses on delivering tangible results very quickly and helps scale & sustain those results

Strategy Definition & Change

Our approach helps clients quantify the expected outcomes prior to investing in their data ecosystem and sets up the roadmap and approach that will deliver the biggest value for the investment

Execution using Core Insights Engine

We help with platform, tool or algorithm selection and implement & refine the right analytical solutions to drive the result expeditiously. We are technology agnostic and use a cost-effective (remote resource) model

Scale & Sustain

We leverage an iterative approach which helps clients maintain or improve returns over time through self-adjusting Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning techniques that react to conditions and incorporate results in a feedback loop

Our Strategy Definition & Change Services enable clients to identify, prioritize & solve the right business problems and obtain quick results

Strategy Development & Value Identification

We help our clients develop a sound data driven decision making strategy and identify potential initiatives that can benefit from the strategy

Business Case & Roadmap Development

Our approach involves the development of a business case to justify the investments, prioritize the initiatives and create a roadmap for execution

Problem Identification & Hypothesis Generation

For each of the client's data driven initiatives, we help identify the key questions to be answered and formulate the hypothesis to be tested using data & math

Our Core Insights Engine Services enable clients to identify & source the right data, use the appropriate tools & techniques to develop the right models and obtain the results that propel them forward 


We identify the appropriate data elements required to perform a rigorous analysis. We source these from both internal and external data sources, clean and prepare it for subsequent analysis. We analyze and profile the data and appropriately handle missing values and outliers


We help in selecting the appropriate tools and techniques for developing the required models. We iterate and validate the models developed to obtain the most appropriate answers for the given client problem. We also help clients in validating the efficacy of the models, over time, and recalibrate them


We generate actionable insights from the analysis and help the client realize immediate benefits. We assist the clients in the quick adoption of the insights. When the solutions developed are experimental or limited in size & scope, we help clients plan for scaling the solutions across the enterprise or portfolio

Our Scale & Sustain Services enable clients to build upon the initial results through automation & institutionalization and realize sustained value from their investments

Big Data Platform

We help clients choose the right Big Data Platform for their analytics requirements, including identifying whether one is required. Once chosen, we help clients automate their analytical solutions using the platform

Automated Insights

We enable the use of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques to create self-adjusting solutions. We help build knowledge extractor tools that enable better decision making


We democratize decision making in our client organizations by embedding the analytics and compelling visualizations within the applications used at the edge. We enable clients develop these capabilities through science and math labs